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October, 1971: four cesium atomic beam clocks were flown on commercial jet flights around the world, one eastward and the other westward, to test Einstein’s theory of relativity. The result: one clock lost time. The other clock gained the time that was lost. I walk with the countenance of one who has lost a tense second, and who must catch up to you to reclaim it. You have my second. One second – enough for the whole engine to grind out of kilter. The lungs inhale what the body possesses in abundant supply and releases it when the body needs it most. The heart skips a beat while the mouth swallows before it chews. I lost it in those weeks when time stood still for you and me. I was fearful of the future and you were too shy around it. We were so entirely in the present. Now, you travel so fast. Westward into the future. Gaining all the seconds I am losing. 

tense second


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