Bare Bones Introduction to Git

This is the shortest introduction to git I could come up with.

Sometimes a really, really short introduction can get you over the hump to where you can spend a few hours going through a real introduction.

Here is how to use git:

sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install tig

cd ~/school/spring2012/ayurveda/thesis/

git init
ls -R .git

git add thesis_v1.doc thesis_v2.doc
git commit thesis_v2.doc -m "about 68% done and now I'm finally saving it properly"
git push

git add *
git commit -a -m "adding everything else in, I'm not going to comment it all b/c I'm lazy"
git push

NB: I don’t know where to execute this in Windows, but on Mac / Linux type the above into a terminal.

You can do this right now, in any directory where you want to back something up and keep working on it.

Even if you’re not a programmer, you can still benefit from git. Git saves all the files in your directory (well, if you git add * — otherwise it just saves the files you tell it to add). It does other things as well.

But just having an easily-exported backup of directories you work in—whether work is writing essays, spreadsheets, your thesis—is enough reason, in my opinion, to use a version-control system like git. It’s especially nice to have every successive version of your thesis (or project for a client) saved incrementally.

Note this does not get your files onto github. However you can follow their instructions and, if you don’t mind these files being public, you get a free remote backup on the github.

If you try the code above and it does not work, please leave a comment describing your system (e.g., Mac Snow Leopard) and the error message you got.


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