Overview for New Readers

The vast majority of you tumblr subscribers have not been with me since the beginning. Here’s a guide to what’s gone on so far at isomorphismes.


Mathematics is really, really boring — to learn, in school. But it’s a pleasure to know. My goal is to share as much wisdom, perspective, intuition, and interesting tools for thinking about the world as I can, with a minimum of rigour, verbosity, and head-banging frustration.

I actually started this blog for a completely different reason: to prove to RGM Advisors’ HR department that one doesn’t need a fancy degree with letters after the comma to be as educated as someone whose name is followed by titles like PhD or MSc. But that’s neither here nor there. Nowadays I use this platform to share opinions, weird thoughts, art, and mathematical tools. Some of these are meant as aides for students, but most are meant as imagination-enhancers for regular people who don’t feel like poring over textbooks and lecture videos—who just want the takeaway.

What’s with the name? Isomorphisms map X onto a equivalent, but different-looking form of X. For example you can look at a function normally, look at its Taylor series, or look at its Fourier transform. All three are equivalent, but you see something different with each pair of eyes. Hence the subtitle, see things differently.

Here’s some of what I’ve written so far.




And, here are some inspiring / awesome quotes by Richard Feynman, Antoine St-Exupéry, Stephen C Stearns, Hal Abelson, Henri Poincare, Stephen J Gould, F J Anscombe, _why the lucky stiff, Ed Leamer, William Tyndale, Glenn Beck, Fidel Castro, Warren Buffett, Sergio the guy who runs the NewBalance factory, John Baez, Kent Osband, James Lighthill, Shing Tung Yau, 1 2 35 6 7 8 9


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