• “There’s always been an alliance between anarchy and anthropology, simply because anthropologists know that a society without a state is possible. There’s been plenty of them. They work fine.”
    —David Graeber
  • “Anthropology, I think, is the only discipline which really is about trying to understand the full range of what has been possible — politically, economically, socially, and so forth.”
    —David Graeber

(If I’ve botched the quotations, please correct me in the Disqus comments.)

So I come from a community with a lot of anarchists — and I never understood what they were about. I figured that

  • Libertarianism : Capitalism :: Anarchism :: Communism

but, communism is such a foreign and defunct idea to my experience. I understand anarchism a little better after watching this Charlie Rose interview with an ejected Yale professor.

However…this “The velocity of change is accelerating” grates on my ears. Is this Elliott Wave Theory? Are we worshiping the I Ching here? Give me a break (minute 15). By the way, this interview was in 2006, before the financial crisis and before tumblr — many students were using Facebook but I don’t think Charlie or David had heard of it at that point.


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