Promote living art, anti-art, promote non art reality to be fully grasped by all peoples, not only critics, dilettantes and professionals

fluxus manifesto, 1963 — meet tumblr internet, 2011


On the subject of the Internet’s meaning, its evolution, its use, its effects, and its relationship to past futurists’ visions of what was to come:

Consider the tumblrscape, at least as I saw it when the administrators categorised it with an Explore homepage rather than a Spotlight | Directory homepage.

A disorganised dynamo reflecting images (moving and still) and quotations. Some philosophical or “wise”, many just funny. It seems that “we” — or at least some tumblr’ers — have come to be what these radical artists hoped for half a century ago.

  • art
  • anti-art
  • some politics
  • flood & tide
  • fused
  • non-bourgeoisie use it
  • mixing the “intellectual” and non-
  • not self-serious

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