Upcoming topics

I’ve been on holiday and thus filling the tumblr queue with more art and fewer original articles. But I brought pen and paper along with me in the tent. Now there’s lots of raw material ready to be carved into digestible blog-sized bites.

Here are some articles that will be coming down the pipe:

  • Kids shouldn’t just cite Wikipedia in their papers; their academic work should be to improve it.
  • Economic lessons from Michael Lewis’ The Big Short (I’ve actually read it now).
  • Apposition in English: we’re speaking a Germanic language.
  • Ramen is not a food of actually poor people. It’s just a BS metaphor from the BS culture surrounding web “startups”.
  • Cointegration vs correlation vs regression coefficients.
  • “Preferences are not read off of a master list” —A Tversky
  • Subadditivity.
  • Differential geometry in the parking lot.
  • Me, sub t.
  • Creationists, credibility, arguing and listening.
  • Algebras: pre-packaged ways of reasoning.
  • Tangent bundles.
  • Abstract mathematics is more applicable. Plus, a roadmap to magmas, monoids, loops, and groups.
  • Functionals, operators, and their codomains. Associations, transformations, evaluations, and relations.
  • Microeconomics with polygons.
  • “Like” as functor.
  • Gardens in disarray, tangled forests and the evolution of the universe.
  • The “distribution” as a thought-tool.
  • Why is there something instead of nothing? An answer from game theory.
  • Wassily Leontief’s economy.
  • Dirac delta: a punch in the face.
  • Cigarette smoking = peacockery.
  • Wisdom from John Baez, Chris Tiee, Jean Tirole, Danny Kahneman, and John Cochrane.
  • Many, many examples of functions in real life.
  • Convolution.
  • Trading p&l’s as convolution. Can we get a useful economic theory of macro-counterparty risk from this?
  • Weighted averages, convolution, and sums of sums are everywhere.
  • Bantu language word endings tell you what to pack when camping.
  • OLAP cubes, XML files, JSON, YAML, XML, and other high-dimensional thought structures.
  • Price elasticity, price as Jacobian, price as signal, and efficiency.
  • Supply-side growth with polygons.
  • Macroeconomics via graph theory.
  • B.C.E. is stupid.
  • Different kinds of “numbers”.
  • Kernels.
  • The logical skeleton of tumblr.
  • How my girlfriend and I used linear regression to compromise on a money question.
  • More on space and time. Not spacetime, more like geography and time series.
  • Grasslands, wind, and Wolfram NKS.
  • Karl Rove’s strategy of exploiting the predictability of pro-life Christians. (real-life lessons from Persson & Tabellini)
  • Three examples of Actual Philosophical Progress.
  • Mammals probably do have feelings: the theory of the triune brain.
  • Happiness Studies. Time for a new academic department?
  • The college bubble. Will it pop like the subprime bubble?
  • Less simplistic metaphors.
  • I want to try Linux. Where do I start?
  • I want to learn to program. Where do I start?
  • Things I am making.
  • What the heck is this blog about?! My brief journey as a writer: from hiremebecauseimsmart.com to isomorphismes.

If you have a preference about which you want to read first, leave a Tumblr Reply or Disqus Comment.


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