Review of Thomas L Friedman’s The World is Flat. by Edward E. Leamer (PDF)
I love, love, love this critique! Thomas Friedman gets so much press and fame, in exchange for zero insight. He’s a phrase-coiner with no ideas and I would short his stock if I could. Leamer, on the other hand, provides real insight—and in this case he does so while whomping all over the above-named shill. I remember when Gerhard Glomm was on the committee to create an International Studies major at my university. He was the only economist of the group and the rest of them thought The Lexus and the Olive Tree was pure gold. He recognized it for pure dross, but couldn’t get it taken off the required reading list.

A Flat World, A Level Playing Field, a Small World After All, or None of the Above?

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